Location = Ghetto Golf

Another day with The CustomRare family. You know what that means. Yep, another shoot in another location.  This time we find ourselves in the perplexing world of Ghetto Golf. Located in Birmingham, it is a place that takes regular, old boring golf, and transforms it into a multi-coloured melange of bizarre twists and turns. It was as if, someone had gone into the mind of a 90’s stoner and created a world to play Golf in. Everything from a Blockbuster (remember that?) and an actual Bus to an arcade and so much more! Not only that, but if you got the munchies, then you can hit up Apocalypse Cow for some mouth-watering munch. They also have a crazy selection of drinks, which pretty much fits into the whole crazy vibe they got going on. Needless to say we had a sick time shooting at Ghetto Golf. It’s just a different kind of experience, and you know how much we LOVE different here at CustomRare.

As for the content. Well, that’s for another day. Sorry to keep you guys waiting, but that information is going to have to stay under wraps for now. However, I will say this… It’s Festive! So make sure you guys keep your eyes open for my next blog post for your latest and greatest news from your favourite clothing brand.

Don’t sleep on the job.

Stay Rare.

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