Location = Tilt Birmingham

By now, you are all probably eager to hear what CustomRare has been up to ever since sending even more awesome apparel your way. Well, as you know The Rare Family devotes itself to support and collaborate with as many independent companies, artists and organisations as we can. Local or International, we’ll pull up and show love. Recently we hit up TILT. An independent company based in Birmingham that is obsessed with everything associated with beer, coffee and pinball machines. This rustic space revives a simplistic approach to provide a homely and nostalgic vibe that breaks up the modern environment surrounding it. Making TILT the ideal location to shoot our “The First Rule” range. This latest drop aims to reflect the core beliefs and ambitions that are integral to CustomRare. A statement which reinforces the understanding that we should celebrate the things that makes each individual unique. CustomRare is all about highlighting the similarities & differences in cultures, races and abilities whilst ensuring that we champion what they bring into our society. That means EVERYBODY IS WELCOME! No matter where you come from or what you believe in, we embrace the different, the strange and the Rare. This collection encapsulates this concept with a simplistic design that ensures that the message reaches more and more people. Are you going to be one?
Well, that’s all for now peeps. You know where to find us. Hit up the CustomRare website and check out the new The First Rule collection. Make sure you keep your eye out for the next Rare post too.
Stay Cosy Rare Family.
Your boy.
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